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  Our Hens produce lovely Free Range Eggs and are fed on locally grown grain plus quality Layers Pellets. These eggs are very much in demand, and we often have none left for ourselves !.
The Poultry flock is made up of Black Rock, White Hyline and Lohman Brown Hens and a general farmyard assortment including Silkie Bantams.
All the stock are very friendly and always looking for a treat, and will welcome any spare bread you have.
We also incubate eggs and quite often have young chicks on hand.

Fernlea is also home to our Call Ducks.
They are very much Pets, but do produce eggs from February to June which are quite often found around the site !. 
The Calls provide us with hours of entertainment with their antics in their baths plus searching for all escape routes possible, just to beat the system. ( They never stay away long in case they miss a treat and you only need to pick up a spade and they are inches away looking for worms and grubs). Another escapade is raiding food from the chickens and quite often you will see them being chased by a chicken with feathers in its mouth.
We also breed calls by both incubator and with Ducks sitting on eggs. Recently we had one duck sitting on 15 eggs and managed to hatch and rear 14 which was very good.
We have 3 main enclosures with ducks plus we have Chick the duck who thinks he is a chicken and lives in the hen house rather than frequenting with the other ducks. 
Photos of some of them are on our Photo page.
We also have Rare Breed "Silver Bantam Ducks".
                                Fantail Doves

We have a number of White Fantail Doves flying around the site and breeding like mad.
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